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With more than 60 podcast appearances to her name, and 4 front facing public speaking engagements, Jillie Maria is a passionate, engaging speaker! She’s spoken on a variety of topics, including mediumship, the Akashic Records, the healing arts, rape and sexual assault, e-motion, and healing e-motional wounds as a means to ending some of America’s most pervasive issues, including gang and urban violence, in our lifetime.

If you’re looking for inspiration, advocacy, or heart-centered solutions, you’ve come to the right place! A multi-faceted speaker known for her caring, compassionate, all-encompassing, open-minded approach, Jillie Maria is engaging, witty, funny, expressive and blunt. As she is oft known to say, “sugar coating is for donuts”. She is also notorious for cutting to the heart of the matter.

“I don’t put band-aids on heart attacks. Simply will not do it. Most people, especially those in power, want to slap a band aid on a problem, do a quick photo op, and call it good. I’m not interested in that! I get to, I choose to, be the change, embody it. If I bring a problem to your attention, I’m also going to bring a solution.”

While she may be new to speaking, researching when necessary, giving an educated opinion, and sharing her experiences as a rape survivor, medium, small business owner, and Akashic Records Practitioner, among other hats she wears, is not new. In fact, she’s been politically active and passionate about inspiring and uplifting others for most of her life. When asked about that she says,”I’ve just gotten bolder over time, the more healing work I’ve done. You also learn that the more rooted you are in your convictions, the less you give a damn what others think. Really. I will probably say things that piss you off, things that inspire you, things that make you think, and things that make you love me or hate me…in the same time frame. And I’m OK with that.”

Podcast Appearances:


The Public Access Podcast with Rusty Diamond – July 2023

Transparent Table Talk with Jillie Maria – March 2023

Holding Space for Your Happiness– January 2023


When Doctors Say “We Don’t Know” with Eva Vennari – Don’t Be Afraid to Advocate for Yourself_January 2021

http://The Journey Podcast with Smitha – Warning: Sensitive Subject Matter _ July 2021


Tendrils of Grief with Susan Ways – It’s Important to Grieve Everything _September 2020

Jillie is always open to collaboration, chatting about the topics of the day and anything and everything mentioned above. Let’s chat!