the coaching

The goal is transmutation (turning coal into diamonds, grapes into wine, etc., if you will) and transformation.
Masterfully and intuitively blending coaching and wisdom with Sacred Soul Alignment, Advanced Sacred Soul Alignment, Mediumship, Reiki, good old fashion intuition, light language, and other healing modalities, Jillie Maria creates, and holds, the space for her clients to transform. They get to unearth the stories, e-motions, patterns and habits that are no longer serving them so they can release them and shift. She partners with her clients to heal what hurts in order to create the life they desire and deserve.

Her passion is her programs, which combine 1 to 1 coaching and high level support between sessions. To hear her clients tell it, the support between sessions is as important as, if not more important than, the coaching sessions themselves. Straight forward with love, courage, and authenticity, she shows you you then takes you a step further!

Jillie’s clients include, but are not limited to, people, primarily women, who are:
🖤 Trauma impacted
🖤 Anxiety impacted
🖤 Stuck in patterns and cycles they desperately want out of and freedom from
🖤 Suffering from depression (anger turned inward), anxiety, low self-esteem and/or lack of self-worth
🖤 Unsure of their next steps in life, but aware something has got to change…

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