If you are looking to pay someone to be your best friend and to validate you, Jillie is not the one for that. If you are looking to invest in yourself and do the work to heal your wounds however, Jillie is your gal. Not only will she help to pick your wounds apart and heal them but she will uncover and bring to the surface wounds that you never even thought you had. I took Jillie’s trauma healing program 3 years ago and I can tell you that she has changed my life. I was someone who was constantly trying to hide and distract from her wounds, someone who was living toxic cycles over and over again. It wasn’t easy; getting vulnerable and letting someone else see all my pain and emotion was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but Jillie was right there beside me holding space for me whenever I needed it as we uncovered my stuff. Fast forward to today and I am a confident woman who speaks her truth, sets boundaries, is not afraid to call out people on their bullshit and gracefully let’s go of anything that isn’t for her best and highest good. Working through Jillie’s trauma healing program has also allowed me to achieve my dreams of becoming a commercial pilot, something I never thought I was good enough to do…until now. Show up and do the work, you can change your life and by investing in yourself you won’t regret you did!