Sacred Soul Alignment

Created by my friend and spiritual teacher, Elysia Hartzell, Sacred Soul Alignment is a channeled, sacred healing modality consisting of over 400 powerful Alignments to this moment, and every growing. I use Sacred Soul Alignments to assist myself and clients with letting go of the stuck stuff such as Anger & Resentment Release, as well as calling in the ‘good’ stuff, such as Raise Your Money Ceiling.

Sacred Soul Alignment Cocktails

Sacred Soul Alignment is a powerful healing modality that can laser in on what isn’t working and release it, and call in what you desire!

I create custom, intuitively picked 3-5 Sacred Soul Alignment Cocktails based on your specific request.
*Results will vary depending on listening consistently, depth of issue, and attached trauma, among other factors.

Wealth Creation: Fear of Success, Manifesting Abundance, Trauma Disconnect, & Abundance of the Ocean 
Zapping an Addiction/Distraction:Procrastination, Addiction Release, Expanding Self Love and Self Worth
Relationship Issues:Trauma Disconnect, Love Yourself Fully, One Heart

Normally $77 ($155 value)
Grab yours here for only $44!