My intention around this page is to offer links to businesses, services, resources that I have found helpful or useful on my journey…Books, small businesses, relationships I’ve cultivated over the years, people I trust implicitly, programs that have changed my life in some positive way.

Motherless Daughters Hope Edelman
You Are Enough Panache Desai
Discover Your Soul Signature Panache Desai
Four Agreements Don Miguel Ruiz
The Art of Money (Book and course)

Cranky Veteran Candle Co. – Vet owned candle & home decor biz! Clean candles with fantastic names and amazing scents that are safe! Yay!! Check them out here!

Sacred Soul Alignments
Advanced Sacred Soul Alignments
Sacred Light Foundations
CoCreating Miracles with Sacred Light
Reiki (I & II and Reiki Master course)
Akashic Records
(The above will be live links when they’re offered.)

Lil Sipper – (Easy) recipes that are SO GOOD and good for you, too! Check her & her recipes out here!

Organic Skincare:
Good Medicine * – Amazing, organic skin care. Women owned small business. Based in Utah, USA!
Herb’n Eden – Fantastic, hand made soaps, body wash, etc. created with love! Black owned small business…Based in GA, USA!

Apothekary* – Amazing, all natural, sustainable supplements. Women owned Farmacy.

Workout/Active Lifestyle:
AsanaRebel – Yoga app with everything from beginner to advanced flow options. Great whether you’ve got 5 minutes or 45 minutes!
OpenFit – Fitness app with workouts for everybody and every body! Pilates, strength training, OCR trainign…

*Disclosure: I am an affiliate.