It is said that mediumship is the practice of mediating communication between the dead and living human beings. I don’t “mediate” as much as I conduit. I’m the “telephone line” between people who’ve crossed over, objects and houses and/or land.

I hold sacred connecting with people who’ve crossed, especially around suicides and unexpected passings, because so often families are left with questions and doubts. Being able to reassure someone that their family member didn’t suffer is invaluable, as an example. It’s my honor to hold this space.

Note: I never have, nor will I ever, ask anyone to believe in what I do. If it’s your thing, if you’re intrigued, if I can help you, give you a message, delighted to. If this is not your thing, that’s OK, too!

30 Minute Medium Session

Done via zoom, so they can be recorded and for ease of access, we come together in the Akashic Records and you tell me who you’d like to receive a message from and they step forward. I’ve facilitated reconciliation, deep healing and forgiveness, given people the gift of answers in the past. Bringing peace, wholeness, and grace to grieving family members is beautiful!

Object Medium Session

These vary in length and are priced by the object. Please contact us for pricing. These can be done in person if you’re in the greater Raleigh/Durham/southern Virginia area or by zoom. You can also mail your object to me via insured priority mail for a read report.

House Medium Session

One of my favorite things to do, reading historic homes circa 1900 and prior. I came into this completely by accident. I’ve known since I was a child that I was different and had a gift. It’s only been in the last 4 years that I’ve gotten brave enough to explore and share. I’ve read sugar mill and plantation ruins on St. John USVI, many historic homes, and various grounds as well. If you own an historic home, let’s chat! Pricing varies. You are welcome to record as you wish.

One of my first experiences was reading, honoring, and clearing a dependency c. 1790. Read about that here.