littles, ghosts, and indigos

Jillie Maria on littles, ghosts & indigos…

Hi there! First, a definition of terms…littles (children under 18, and, more specifically, under 10), ghosts (spirit forms who’ve passed on that we experience via sight, sound, sense, or knowing), indigos (small children under 10 who are “in their gifts” or experiencing life seeing, hearing, knowing, feeling, or speaking into that which you may not understand, which they may not understand.)

When I was a child, this was brushed off as my having a very active imagination, or shamed and feared. Now, I feel like it’s healthy to share. I have worked with many parents with children who are experiencing “supernatural” things they may or may not be able to articulate. In some cases, we’ve simply defined what’s going on, who’s visiting. In others, we’ve cleared the energy and protected the area and the tiny human. In either case, it’s important to validate what your child is telling you they are seeing, feeling, hearing, or experiencing. This deepens the trust bond between you and your child, and your child and their gifts.

I keep it simple in this very special work. I meet via zoom with you and your child. I ask your child what they’re experiencing then validate who it is, and we either clear, cleanse, ground and protect, or we welcome the passed person, cleanse around them then ground and protect.

Either way, I keep it fun, explain exactly what I’m doing, seeing, hearing or sensing, validate your child’s experience, and bring peace and understanding.