akashic records

The Akashic Records, also referred to as the Akash, the Akashic Realm, and the Records, and the Book of Life, among other names, are a record of every thought, word and deed of one’s soul since its inception. It’s not nearly as scary as it might sound, but it is that profound and intimate, simultaneously. Think the cloud, but energetic!

What can you do with, or in, the Akashic Records?

You can get direct, clear information and insights into every slice of life. You can clear old programming, heal past life issues and situations that could be affecting you today such as financial or class struggles. You can contact loved ones and get messages from them.

Jillie offers stand alone 60-Minute Akashic Records sessions, as well as programs. Read more about her programs here.

What happens in an Akashic Records session?

You bring yourself, water, an open mind and heart, and 8-15 questions, depending on the length of the session. Jillie will open your Records with you present, and then you’ll dive in! You may ask about pretty much anything! Career, love, relationship, money, and past lives are the most common areas of focus but it’s wide open – that’s why Jillie asks you to bring specific, open-ended questions. Don’t believe in past lives? Awesome! Your guides will meet you where you are with love and compassion. At session’s end, she will close your Records. All sessions are conducted via zoom and recorded. You get a copy of your session to keep!

Ready to book?

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Interested in learning the Akashic Records? Jillie’s Self-Guided Akashic Records Level I Course is OPEN for enrollment! Get details here!

Fun fact: It’s a serious energy ethics violation to be in someone’s Records, or for someone to be in yours, without their/your explicit permission.

“Her intuition and guidance is so on point!” ~ JM